What happens when your name is searched?

Our WebScore algorithm takes all of the search data found on the 3 major search engines and mathematically values each search result. All WebScores fall between 0-100, where 50 represents zero web presence. Search Control takes the WebScore Report and maps out all of our client's campaigns based on their respetive score. Stayed tuned for the WebScore application for smart phones, as well as text alerts!

WebScore uses all search results found on the 3 major search engines; Yahoo, Google, and Bing. The results are weighted by the authority of their origin, and those results are scored as seen here. The WebScore algorithm values each result individually then weighs each collectively to create a numerically accurate score. This is what we call your web presence.

What does a WebScore report look like?

The WebScore is simply a measurement of your web presence. Potential employers, investors, and even match makers have access to your web presence. Thought all of that data was private? Since search results are visible to the public, this data is not privately held. We at Search Control simply score the data that is already indexed for all to see in the results of the 3 major search engines. The WebScore is your tool to evaluate your web presence and manage it. Only our customers have access to the WebScore and its companion report. We encourage you at a minimum to get your WebScore then decide whether your web presence needs assistance. Many companies claim the ability to enhance your web site optimization or search engine optimization, but we at Search Control know that without defining the web presence in a quantitative as well as qualitative way, then all of that optimization and effort expended is irrelevant. To do an SEO style program without knowing your current web presence would be like playing a football game where nobody knows the score, or reading your credit report without ever having a credit score formula. Everyone has a WebScore, you need to know yours!


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