Facebook Services

Learn more about our Facebook services. Facebook boasts more than 500 million users, with over 700 billion minutes spent on Facebook every month. Search Control feels strongly that any solid Go Social campaign starts with a strong presence within Facebook, as this social networking site is vital for two-way communication with customers.

The only effective way to utilize Facebook, is to build up your friends and followers within your area or industry. This ensures that your message is being received encourages customer interaction. With Search Control's Go Social package, we can help you increase your friends and followers, by actively seeking out relevant groups and pages, and participating in weekly discussions.

LinkedIn Services

Learn more about our LinkedIn services. LinkedIn is the premier social networking site for entrepreneurs and professionals, and their respective businesses. If you're not on LinkedIn, then you're missing out on thousands of interested networkers in your area of expertise. Every executive interested in networking should have a profile on LinkedIn, and should be connected to their company to help promote their resume as well as online visibility!

Twitter Services

Learn more about our Twitter services. Twitter has become a massive online institution on which people and businesses share rapid information throughout the entire day! If you're not sending out Tweets, whether for yourself or your business, you're missing out on the social network craze! Twitter offers an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people, with simply 140 characters!

Twitter is only effective if you have the Twitter Followers to support your campaign. Luckily, Search Control knows how to gain attraction to your site, and increase your followers. By using our internal network of social media maniacs, and partnered resources, Search Control can take your Twitter page to new heights, by attracting relevant followers who will be interested in what you have to say.


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