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We have assembled a versatile team of unique individuals that come from all corners of web-based businesses. Our team consists of experts in content writing, blogging, social media, web design, search engine marketing, and reputation management - just to name a few. Any individual, business, or brand that wants to be successful in today's online market needs to master all available areas within their search results. That's where Search Control comes in...we create and control search results using techniques and strategies defined as Search Engine Control. Furthermore, in order to track and assess your online web presence, we've devised an elaborate algorithm that quantifies and qualifies search results, known as the WebScore.

Search Engine Control (SEC) is the process in which individuals, businesses, and brands design, create, and manage their online search results. SEC allows the individual or business owner to control their search results, populating them with content they find relevant and want to promote. Too many times the large search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) display irrelevant links or information you may not want seen publicly. SEC is a marketing tool Search Control has devised that includes all forms of current marketing strategies rolled into one manageable and trackable program. To learn more about search engine marketing strategies, visit and bookmark our search engine control blog.

Track Your Search Results
FInally, what good is enhancing your online image if there isn't a way to track it? Search Control's WebScore was designed so that every client would have a detailed, specialized report that tracks their online progress month to month. We keep track of the websites and social media links we create, and show monthly the positive progress we've made. You can easily control your search results by approving the positive content you want to distribute and by following your monthly WebScore report.
Global Reach
At Search Control we can assist any company, small or large, from anywhere in the world.
We are always accepting new customers. If you would like more information please use the Contact Us page above and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Our Commitment
At Search Control we specialize in online crisis management. We know your voice is the best response to online attacks, false claims, erroneous blog entries, and any other online bad news. The search results for you and your brand require a strategy and a dedicated campaign that unsure your voice is the loudest.

Our Services

Learn more about our specialized services. Below is a short list of some of the services we offer, however this is not all of them. If you wish to learn about some of our other services please contact us through any of the methods listed on the Contact Us page.


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